pic: Canine Crusaders 2016 - Sir Jono

The Canine Crusaders of Kettle Falls, WA present “Sir Jono” as our FRC 2016 robot.

Great looking robot! I loved working with you guys in 2014 as part of Skunk Works, and it’s great to see you improving every year. Dare I say this looks like a front runner for West Valley this weekend?

Good luck, I’ll see you guys at Central in a few weeks!

Oh man, thats a beauty. I cant wait to check this out tomorrow, Good luck to you guys!

Looks great, can’t wait to see it at CWU. Good luck at West Valley.

Great looking Bot!
I can’t wait to see this it in person at Central.
Good Luck you guys!

Thanks everyone! We are super excited for CWU. Hoping to have a smooth run. We are so looking forward to seeing all of you at CWU. I think there will be some epic alliances to be had!