pic: Canned Food Drive Flyer for NYC Regional

Hi all,

Team 694 will be holding a canned food drive on all three days of the NYC Regional. All of the cans will go to City Harvest (http://cityharvest.org/). We will be collecting them at a booth in the Career fair center and would love if teams could bring in some food to donate to New York City’s hungry.

Thank you all for your cooperation! Looking forward to seeing everyone at the regional this weekend!
Daryl Vulis

P.S. if you have any questions, feel free to email me at darylvulis@gmail.com


Team 694 really CAN do a lot of good!

There is a typo in the second sentence. “at” should be removed.

That’s the way we talk in NYC…


The second word in the second sentence is *supposed *to be there? Everything else on the sheet is clean and in correct English. Please explain.

Rich forgot the sarcasm tags. It was a joke! lol
(Hence the winking eye smiley…)
(I think… HA!)

Thanks for catching the typo. If everyone brings just one can, it can really make a difference!

I’ve reached out to my team, but if nothing else, I’ll be bringing some up on the train tomorrow!

We sent a message to all of our team members.
We should have some for you tomorrow morning!
See you all there in NY!

Please bring in canned food tomorrow! The team who brings in the greatest number of cans will get ten crate baby shirts!