pic: Can't score without this!

During one of the more physical matches at Davis, the Rack paid the price.

The same thing happened in a match at WMR, There was a match reset and then everything continued as usual.

It also occurred once in LI. If I’m not mistaken, it was on Friday, between the autonomous and human controlled periods.

Happened in Vegas too. However, the swinging rack caused the opposing alliance (red) to score their keeper on the bottom spider leg after bouncing on the ground! I think it was in the semi-finals, and it ended up being the highest scoring match of the regional as well. 260 to 15 or so I think, red was able to complete the bottom row, and then place one other in the middle. It was incredible!

Happened in NJ as well during Auto, The Head Ref “waved” the match off and we reset everything and continued to play throughout the day.

This also happened at 330’s workshop… The drivers were doing a defended speed round of 2:00 minutes. The rack lost to spider feet in those 2 minutes.:o

From the looks of that picture it seems that the fitting over the leg popped off. Why wasn’t a bolt simply run through the fitting and the metal leg?