pic: Capital Clash Trophies

A shot of all of the bling from The Capital Clash. Very nice trophies, if you ask me.

Looks good. Were those gears bought? If so, that must have cost something. If not, how were they made and what are they made from?

From just looking at them, the gears seem to be a solid metal. That said, I don’t really know anything other then I was told that 422 made them. Perhaps they could shed some light…


I can shed some light on this one. 422 did indeed make the trophies for us. The gears and lexan were donated by New Market Corporation, one of their sponsors. New Market makes petroleum additives, and the gears came from test components. They are real and they are heavy. The team had a great assembly line going in the garage of their lead mentors, the Taylors. Cut the lexan, drill the holes, and bend the lexan on one line. The gears were soaked in buckets on noxious chemicals to clean them, then dried, hung up with bent wire coathangers and painted. Then both those lines merged to the assembly portion.

And thanks to everyone who didn’t mention that I dated the trophies wrong. My remaining brain synapse had just melted down right before I picked up the plaques.

Many thanks for mentioning the trophies. 422 did an amazing job with them.

OMGoodness, Dee is posting!!!
The trophies were so appreciated. They were also a source of conversation for all those button down, chemical ?engineer? types who were wandering through, taking a break from their convention.
Dee and I pooling our brain cells almost make a full deck…

Wow! Those are really sharp looking trophies… I think the FIRST folks can make it in the trophy business… they are great!!

Congrats to all the Winners… those will look nice in the trophy cases… :slight_smile:

Those trophies look sweet!