pic: Cap'n Sara

Arrrr! Cap’n Sara was at the helm of the good ship Monty again, ably assisted by First Mate Mike and The Voice of NJ.

Ah Sarah (w/o) the “Q” she may look innocent, but be warned that she’s plotting nefarious plans underneath that tri-corn hat of hers.


Very cute picture of Sara
<33 SaraQ
(that’s an interesting nickname for sure…)

You just had to post in here =) lol
Yeah Sara (w/o the Q) Neid.
Well look how many Mikes we had over there. I think it was you and her representing the Sarah’s. And there was me and about 10 others (all volunteers) that were named Mike, Mikey, Michael or something extremely close =). Thats a real pain to call on a Mike or a Sarah and a bunch of people turning around answering to the calling. Next time I’m registering my name as something else to hopefully ease the confusion.

Mike we could always do what we did with Sarah (w/o the Q) and Saraq…we could make you Mike+the batman symbol…or something along those lines…although rumor has it that there was another George Ackley roaming around Monty. :cool:

There may be another George Ackley-Ryan, but there will only ever be one “Voice”.

With proper training and a little practice I’m pretty sure the voice of NY and NJ will have his Emit 52 sound just like him:ahh: I feel bad for poor Donaugh he got roped into Evil Minion training at an early age by a professional :eek: . Hrm Mike-The Batman Symbol that sounds pretty catchy I may just change my profile to reflect that. Goes off contemplating the change.:smiley:

I must know. . .Where did that hat come from? (I’m slightly obsessed with the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, btw :smiley: ) Looks like this was a fun competition!

That hat is mine. I bought it for the NJ regional. It’s traditional for MCs/announcers to color their hair for a competition, and since I had to work that day right after the competition (and I can’t very well work with colored hair) I wore the Tri-Corner hat as a replacement.

Now what is wrong with going to work with multi-colored hair. Your not worried that kids may stare at you are you? All the same reason why I refuse to color my hair in my old team colors on nights that I have to work during the season. The normal folk just wouldn’t be able to understand what us smart guys are involved in =).