pic: Capping a Robot


Until match 79, team 1241 had been undefeated at GLR. Then we beat them by capping their goal, but the match didn’t count due to a field malfunction (our 5pt balls never dropped). So the rematch was scheduled for the first match saturday. It proved to be one of the most memorable matches I’ve ever seen. Instead of simply capping their goal to prevent balls from getting in, we capped their robot! The strategy worked perfectly. Sorry team 1241!

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hahah Very cool strategy, kudos to the drivers who thought that one up

Yea thats pretty sweet… but I would really like to know how they folded it up again :slight_smile:

Ours barely fits inside the “box” because our arm has a habit of poping open.

As the first round of the day on Saturday, it really got the crowd going early.

We havn’t had our regional yet, but that is something to watch out for, as we too have a hopper. :slight_smile: Nice job, hope nobody we play sees this. :slight_smile:

Well that surely brings a new meaning to ‘mobile goal.’ But lets pretend that it was a mobile goal…who would the points count for? Nice job on the strategy, hopefully no team will take it personally. It’s just a strategy for a game, and an interesting one at that.

sweet… i see your going to buckeye…hmmmm…

This was the talk of our meeting. This is briliant strategy and a great example of using the field to your advantage. Question: was the bot capped during auton or after?

judging from the movie, after

Yes, but the picture may have been taken after, but the capping done prior.

But I am also a little confused. If the 45 seconds have already happened, and the balls have been droped what good would this do?

correct me if i’m wrong guys… but the robot was capped after auton mode, but before the balls dropped. what you see in this pic is the robots pushing eachother after the balls were dropped and none went into the hopper.

this robot was simply awesome, it could catch every ball that fell, every time. in auto mode it just moves under the balls, and waited for either the automatic ball falling, or another robot triggering the fall.

Judging from the picture it would seem that the robot was capped prior to the drop seeing as how there are three little balls on the sides of the multiplier… unless an Hp tossed them up their but that would make no sense unless attempting to dislodge the multplier in which case it would have done no good considering the balls had already dropped considering you can also see balls scattered about on the filed around the robot

It wouldnt do anything, since they most likely already caught the balls. If you mean by picking them up from the ground, it doesnt make a big difference. The thing about that is, some teams cant pick them back up from the feild, only let them out.

yeah… both of the catching robots at the NJ regional just used some kind of agitator or something to get them out, and didnt actually use a roller system that would suck them back in.

At the Orlando regional team 1083 (i think) had a omni-wheeled cilinder that could run over a ball and pick it up into a chute. It was amazingly simple but worked every time. Team Combat (don’t know the num) did something similar by unfolding a large piece of material and waiting under the ball drop. They caught almost every ball every time but had trouble feeding them to the HP.

during auton mode the 67 robot pushed the mobile goal with the multiplier towards our robot standing underneath the ball drop. Right after auton mode all 67 had to do was use their arm, pick up the multiplier and drop it in our net. Seconds later the 5 point balls dropped keeping the big multiplier ball stuck inside the robot. Our driver tried to bounce the big ball out of the net but to no avail. All I can say was that this was an amazing strategy and a great use of field objects… Hopefully we can incorporate something to our robot to counter act this strategy… but i wont be too sure…

great job team 67

The problem of feeding the balls to the human player was a big factor in the discouraging the use of this strategy to many teams. It was just very difficult to do and, most of the time, took the weight or time a team didnt have. I commend the teams that used that strategy, becasue it takes many hours to come out with an idea that gets the balls out everytime.