pic: Capping Big Mike


Big Mike is the height of the mid field goal so we thought it might be good practice if we capped him with tetras…

BTW- note the cast. The Big Galoot got into a conflict with a radial arm saw at his job!!


Sheesh, You guys are capping already?! After a week?! You guys are going to give me a freakin’ ulcer.

I have a hunch that’s not really their arm for this year

That may be right, but I am not sure:rolleyes:.

it better not be their arm for this year :ahh: :yikes:

Why not? We can cap with it decently.

well, you’ll at least have to re build it cuz its from a previous year.

Right??? :confused:

I think I see a hook on it that ISN’T a capping hook… it looks like a HANGING HOOK! :ahh: :slight_smile: It does look like it would work really well.

if they just kinda flipped the hook upside down, or made it so you could rotate the hook…

i dunno, dont wanna do your thinking for you… :smiley:

can anyone explain how that arm extends, it appears to be telescopic, and all of my attempts at making one have failed. Plus my team is avoiding making a 2 joint arm, since they seem to be dificult to keep working

we made one with ribbons last year, it worked okay, but not stellar, i think it could work well if tweaked a bit.

___  B

|| || || |
|| || || |
|| || || |
|| || || |
|| || || |
|| || || |
|| || || |
|| |||||

basically, the red atuff is a ribbon, and when you pull down on A, B goes up

Discalaimer: this arm is not fool proof, and you need both heavyduty ribbon and some pretty good gearing/motors for it!!

That big sprocket in the middle is a pivot point for the arm, it folds in half.


PS I hope your arm gets better soon Mike.

All I wanna know is can it give Mike a bear hug. :smiley:

That is 25’s arm from last year (minus the skull). From what they have told me they have even bigger plans for their new robot. 25 is an awesome team and I can’t wait to see what they came up with. Good luck to everyone!

GO 1403!!!

of course it is last year’s arm…

or maybe it is the 2000 bot’s arm…

or maybe something new and completely different ?..

recall our team motto: there is nothing beyond our reach

yeeee haaaahaaaaahaaaaa ( wrings fists )

:wink: :smiley:

thanks wetzel :slight_smile:

who’s to say that we didnt brib Dave Lavery with Krispy Kremes and tacky Hawiian shirts to get him to give us the game in advanced and that is our arm :-p

Krispy kremes and hawai’ian shirts won’t cut it. That man won’t give up the game for anything…


Maybe kidnapping his kids or car will make him give it up :rolleyes:. No one tell Dave…or little Lavery…I am stopping by next fall/winter.

That arm looks pretty familiar, it looks like last years arm, but it could also be part from their crane robot from 2000.
25 has always been known for their awesome designs but this looks like a prototype, even they could not have an arm like that a week in.
As one of their next door neighbors (NJ) I can’t wait to see them at the Trenton regional.
The BMS teams will be out in force.

btw we were capping in week 1 as well with some modifications to past years robots:)