pic: Captain Krunch 11


Captain Krunch 11 holding a Trackball before the start of media night

Looks good guys. I am pretty sure it is a scissor lift.

Does it launch the ball or bring it up?

How fast does it go?

Sorry for the ignorance but what does media night consist of?

See you in a few weeks.

It brings the ball up to the overpass

I’m not sure how fast it goes, but i think its about 13 ft/sec in high speed

and media night is when we show our robot off to all of our parents and the media.

No crazy crab drive? Why the change?

After much debate over the drivetrain we figured it would be for the best to stick with what we had last year. We didn’t have enough time to redesign a krab drive system that would eliminate the problem of having to unwind the modules to keep the motor wires from being ripped off. So this way we can control what happens to the robot and our software team added drivers assist. only 2 buttons. drive straight and turn left:cool:

huh? I hope your bot isn’t going to automatically hurdle ours…

Driver assist is just driving around the track the drivers still have to manualy hurdle the ball over the overpass.