pic: Captain USA Update

Added all suggestions from previous thread (although the SRImech isnt finished yet). Hit me

Your spinner bar does kinda look a little strange. I’d recommend rather than having the impack face be flat liek you do now with a large lightening hole in it What I would do is get rid of lightening hole while bringing the top face down a bit and having it swoop up to the edge so it makes the tip the much more likely impact point.

Fixed. Will show in next update :wink:

Do you have enough material thickness on the wedge to swap out the button head screws for countersunk ones? As it stands right now, the screw heads can inhibit your wedge.

Agreed with that. You almost always want to use some type of recessed bolt head option on wedges unless specifically using the heads as a stop point.

Are you providing power to the white outboard wheels?

They are there so any horizontal spinner will likely hit the bolt heads before my weapon mounts. Think of them as ablative armor.

Nope! The strategy is to have two more wheels on top of the weapon mounts so that if flipped one can just fire up the bar to full blast and get pushed into the wall so the impact will flip it back over. If I have the weight when all is said and done I may power them off of the drive pods.