pic: Caption Contest?

Andy Baker (banana for scale)

“And now here is mittens, the smallest bot in FRC. For you on the livestream here is a scale, only 3 bananas long!”

“It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.”

“We’ve got a lost banana here. If you are the parent or guardian, please come pick it up”.

AndyMark is proud to announce that we will now be offering banana same-day shipping during build season for those food-deprived students on your team.

You’ve seen Churro, You’ve seen ThunderHex, now, get ready for the next revolution in torque transferring technology.

“why am I gesturing this way, while wearing my shirt with the banana picture”?

How many times must I say, “no bananas in the pits without safety glasses”!

“You are kidding me. Did you just tell me to give an autographed banana to the winner of a Rock-Paper-Scissors competition?? That has got to be the dumbest thing that…wait why is that robot driving towards me?!”

“You in the blue shirt, stop running!”

The banana is irrelevant.

“Here hold my microphone while I eat this… wait what?”

“Introducing the newest Stronghold defense, the banana peel!”

You say banana, I say Indiana - let’s call the whole thing off.

When it’s Andy Baker wielding a banana, even thisisn’t likely to work.

“Congratulations! YOU bid the most for the banana during the silent auction, and it is now yours!”

Peelings… nothing more than, peelings…

In 2018, robot contact with field carpet will be a foul, field elements will be monkey bars, and the game piece will be …

“Who here thinks this looks apeeling?”

“We found this in the field debris box. If it came from your robot, please come down to the field and claim it.”

[Not an Entry] Rats, I was going to go for that one![/Not an Entry]

You all realize that that’s actually banana bread in his hand, right? He is, after all, Andy Baker.

Teams we have a piece that was left on the field from a robot after a match. Please pick up all parts of your robot after every match. Great scaling boomerang design though