pic: CardinalBots Team 4269's robot: The SC Enterprise

This is The CardinalBot’s (Team 4269) robot, the SC Enterprise, majestically posing for a photo-op after winning the Crossroads Regional.

Great robot here and a great team to play with. Super high efficiency in everything it does. Simple and effective.

Great looking robot 4269 !
I’m excited to see many Draconis-style robots doing well at events.

Draconis-style Regional Winners:
359 - Dallas & Northern Lights (HoF team ! )
4269 - Crossroads (3rd Year Team)
4476 - GTR East (2nd Year Team)

The Draconis design for many teams showed how a kitbot combined with a simple mechanism can be quite effective for scoring and passing.
Ri3D was obviously a big inspiration to many teams and results on the field show amazing work.

I know that WE at 1108 appreciate you! Saved our bacon, Ally!

I’m amused at how many robots this year use last year’s game piece as a useful component. How well does it shoot (aside from fantastically, since you won :smiley: )?

I also like how Ri3D helped inspire a lot of teams, and yet those designs don’t dominate the landscape, because variation is nice to see (and is more inspiring, overall).

The shooter is rather simple (It’s a frisbee!) and it’s not meant for long distances. We actually line up in front of the low goal and fire. But it works.