pic: Carmen mated with Harvester and Hopper

Here is the front angle view of Carmen with harvester and hopper mounted, The harvester fingers will be trimmed soon.

Looking good! Still two more weeks to go, looks like you’ll get lots of testing and practice in this year.

How is she doing on weight? (that’s not a polite question, is it?)

Wow very nice, 2 weeks left and finished robot. I wish we were done this early.

How is the weight?

Still got a little programing to to do. Tweeks here and there ans test breakage repairs and bumpers!

We weight 115lbs right now and we have several pieces of Lexan to mount, fpr protection and sponsor logos and team number

We have been working our butts off this year, we have worked everyday since kick off. Its been a real challenge!

Plus making the chairman’s video.

You guys have great idea about making a video to show the state legislature what the tax credit does for Arizona kids!

How much give does the trawler line have? Enough to make it stretch out of your robot boundaries?

The line is taught and at an angle. On the upper rim the square is one inch inside the robot dims. The rest is way inside the dims.