pic: Carmen week1 team 842

here is team 842’s bot Carmen after 1 week. The front wheels turn and the rear will turn by differential.

Wow, I am really impressed by your design!:smiley:
So this is basically an ackerman steering chassis?
How do you plan on implementing the differential?
How many hours have you guys worked during week 1? :confused:

Oh, oh. Check the bumper rules. You can’t attach a legal standard bumper to those angled faces in front.

They don’t have to, The rules say you have to cover 75% (I think) of the perimeter of your robot.

2/3, but they also must cover all corners.

It looks rather impressive. Excellent progress for week 1! Good job.

I would worry about bumper rule I:

BUMPERS must protect all exterior corners of the BUMPER PERIMETER

in combination with bumper rule A:

BUMPERS must be built in segments, with a minimum length of six inches, and a maximum
length that does not exceed the maximum horizontal dimension of the ROBOT

So if you need to have a bumper on the front (that’s the if), it must be 6 inches long and fastened to the hard robot frame, which in the pictured robot’s configuration would put it inside the bumper perimeter and thus illegal according to bumper rule L:

The BUMPERS must be fixed to the BUMPER PERIMETER

Wow, thats really nice :smiley:

Your team needs to look at the update #2 and the bumper rules. Looks good so far. You’ve accomplished allot for week 1.

Looks good Carl Hayden! You always do produce a robot quickly and it’s helped make 842 a formidable competitor at AZ every year. Our robot is still in the wood and duct tape testing stage!

Did you already order receive a second set of Toughboxes or are those just pulled from last year’s robot?

I’m beginning to think that if you can figure out what the bumper rules mean, then you should be headed to law school, not engineering school :slight_smile:

We’re playing it safe and planning on having a rather conventional outside shape with bumpers covering most of it…and the front will have 6" bumpers on each side of the harvester, in a straight line.

We ordered them on Mon.and got them Wed.
We are trying to give our programmers all the time we can, to day is our first time off and we feel guilty…

The other ting is we like to get stuff on here at CD to get the critiques so we can make improvements…

I am guessing then you are going wide drive…

Does the bumper perimeter have to be rectangular? We are planning on running the bumper into our bot six inches.

Just for example… what if you had an L shaped robot?

That’s the plan right now.


shows the chassis design. The wood pieces are cut out and almost ready to assemble.

We will use differential steering on the rear wheels in the code, thats the programmers area, we are the builders, so thats all I can explain

They seem to be working on it almost all day every day during the week. If you want to check up on them, it’s pretty easy…although it’s Sunday today.


Where’s the cRIO?

i.e. The bumper perimeter must be a convex polygon.

That is interesting, where does it say that it must be convex?

That would settle the dispute…

Thanks for helping to vet us. We don’t want to caught at a regional with a violation.

It never explicitly says that it must be convex, but wrapping a string around a concave polygon will result with the string not following the entire perimeter of the polygon. If you wrap a string around this robot in the bumper zone, it will form a convex rectangle.

definition per rules
To determine the BUMPER PERIMETER, wrap a piece of string around the ROBOT at the level of the BUMPER ZONE - the string describes this polygon.

We would have our string cross the opening of our bot. It does not say it has to make contact with the bumper zone everywhere. That is an assumption. Our polygon would be a rectangle, never the less we will cover the angles in from the corner with 6 inches of bumper. We think we are ok…I hope