pic: Carnage at WIWI 2010

Quarter final match one, seed 4 against seed 5. 176 falls over, and covers fly off as 2168 goes for the hang.

That flip took me a little bit by surprise when it happened.

Overall a very impressive shot!

What had happened was that we had driven sideways onto the bump to block 178, and when they moved forward and then back, it tipped us over completely. We sat until 2168 went to hang, at which point they bumped us accidentally to get to the tower, and the covers kind of exploded :smiley:

The covers came off when 2168 attempted to right 176. Later in the match 2168 carefully drove over one of the covers to get to the tower for the hang.

That was a key moment for us. Our hanger deployment had been tangling all morning. Our driver was still learning how to control the robot. When 176 went over, our robot had just nudged them, and I thought someone might have thought we knocked them over deliberately, so I told our driver to try to push them back upright. He tried, with gusto, and blammo! I told him not to try again.

That is a great picture. The weird thing is, our photographer took exactly the same shot, apparently from exactly the same place in the bleachers.