pic: Carnage on Einstein


Did anyone else think it was “interesting” that they shot the confetti and streamers out on the field while the robots were still there/running (at least I think they were still running)?

We were carrying the robots off the field when they announced the final score. Seconds later I got hit by streamers.

If by “interesting” you mean “incredible” than yes… it was an “interesting” moment.


Just seems unFIRST like because it could be deemed not safe.

I would imagine confetti in a speed controller is not a good thing. Well done to the teams that did win.

I was thinking the exact same thing.
“OMG, they are even attempting to add magic smoke to the celebration”

Yeah…that was my teams initial reaction.

Eh, after putting their robots through hell and high water to get where they did, I don’t think they’ll have too much trouble clearing out their robots. (Oh, wait, the high water is next year…;))

Maybe that’s what they’ll call next year’s game.
FIRST Hell and High Water!
Even 1114 can’t bail you out!

I am sure I could draw attention to many “FIRST like” things that could be deemed not safe… This would probably be near the bottom of that list.

I agree. However, if they expect us to be ridiculously safe. Then they should do the same. I don’t mind a little bit of danger(such as this) as long as nobody gets hurt. I am just surprised that FIRST might agree with me on it.

Heh – I still find confetti in our last-year’s robot from Battlecry 8 at WPI (and it wasn’t the easy-to-clean streamers either). Didn’t everyone wonder/complain why no confetti last year on Einstein? You’re making those poor FIRST people confused – do you want confetti or not? :slight_smile:

who cares about the machines ? they’ll get a rest now anyway

poor electrical boards! hope none were damaged…

:eek: Who cares! I’m sure the teams that put their blood, sweat, and tears into those robots care. In fact, I have a feeling that most CDers wouldn’t want any harm to come to those beautiful machines either.

Something tells me that a rest won’t get confetti out of them either.

More than robots and field elements got wrapped in streamers after the finals…


No, my son was not on the floor when the streamers flew…his speed controllers are just fine. I have that pile of paper collected up to throw away - I guess I have to let him keep it now that it is immortalized on CD. Gee thanks, David. Don’t you have a picture of him doing something brilliant?

I think it’s great that they did this. Teams need a little more than just a pat on the back and a “good job” for winning… and they usually do it during chairmans but since they did chairmans early (to prevent people from walking out) i guess they weren’t able to do it for them…

I remember one year they had these 1 second firework things which were along the lines of “oh that’s so co- oh, they’re done”

so I support the confetti, ifff they had waited for teams to get off the field first haha

If I won on Einstein I’d want a heck of a lot more than Confetti. Lol I haven’t seen any of the teams that were down there really complain about getting confetti all over the place. I know if I ever win a world championship (.000000001% Chance) I would run out and bathe in the confetti, just because confetti + 'fro = awesome