pic: Carrie Byron and Wildstang at Capitol

Wildstang gets a great photo op with Mythbuster’s Kari Byron in front of the Capitol. We were very fortunate to share a tent with the Discovery Channel for the USA Science & Engineering Festival on the Mall in Washington, D.C.

I spy with my little eye, Dave Lavery, too. It’s funny how his shirt is a standout against Wildstang’s wildcolors.

Great photo, guys!


I think you spy a doppelganger. Dave is widely known to only wear hawaiian shirts, and would not be caught in public in such a conformist outfit.

I’m not buying it.


A very cool picture! I hope the festival was awesome!

There does appear to be what looks like a NASA logo on his shirt. However (and I may be wrong), but might it be their coach? I don’t see him in the crowd anywhere…

Raul probably had to work; Al is the bald head in the back row. And I don’t think Raul works at NASA.

I’ve seen Dave when he wasn’t wearing a Hawaiian shirt… back when his hair was a little on the wild side.

That’s Dave all right. You can tell by the bicycle legs.

Raul? I don’t think so but you never know - he has been known to hang around with that Baker guy who loves to go incognito.

Kari’s hair and bright shirt fit right in. Dave, on the other hand…needs to convince NASA to provide their employees with tye-dye polos.

Eric is right - too much going on at work. I wish I could have been there. I love visiting DC.

What I do not understand is how Al let Dave get away with not wearing a tie-dyed or Hawaiian shirt.

Probably because Dan was attached to his hip :wink:

To tell the truth, I didn’t know that Dave had snuck in on the other side until I saw the photo. I knew he was in the tent and then lost track of him in the confusion. Kari was very nice and was happy to jump up and take a picture with whomever she was autographing a picture. She can be an honorary Wildstang member any time she wants. (and Dave too!) Kari jumped back to sit in for this photo and then went right back to signing. It was a lot of work and we really appreciate it.

I hope Wildstang gave Kari a team shirt. She might even wear it on an episode of Mythbusters sometime. :wink:

(Kari’s always intrigued me too. I like redheads and everytime I see her her hair’s a different shade of red!)

We are hoping to get signatures of the team in the photo on the back of a shirt and then send it along.

Well, now I know why Al didn’t come see me at the LM/RECF/Vex tent :wink:

And to answer Zach O: “Yes!”, the Expo was awesome.


I looked for you but apparently not hard enough.

When I wasn’t hauling water or other liquids for the folks who were doing the hard work; I was almost constantly buttonholed by interested guests from 10:00 till 5:30 both days.

I was probably a few feet out of the tent, trying to find a spot quiet enough for what was left of my voice to be heard by whoever I was speaking to.

It’s the thought that counts


Blake, Al found me :stuck_out_tongue:
Dottie too.

The secret was to hang around the battery chargers…

That’s where all the cool kids were.

No comment…