pic: Cart Cathodes

The testing of a few green cathodes for our robot cart. Next step is to install the other six then move on to the cart control panel…

We are going to buckeye also. Our carts may be similar, but we have a secret feature on it. You’ll have to come check us out.

Amazing the Cathodes look awesome we wanted to do something like that we wanted to add neon lights (to our bot):rolleyes: but we soon found rules say no well at least thats what our rule book guy says were a new team so we don’t know if we can but probably not.

but weren’t sure if we could use it on the cart either but now seeing your we can awesome we will surely try.:cool:

Team 2596
F.B.I (Ferrous Bulldog Innovations) Ferrous is Latin for Iron
the name fits perfectly because our school name is James J. Ferris High school

Show me the rule. Music is the only thing explicitly forbidden on carts.

He wants to put underglow on their bot, which might also be legal, but I am unsure.

Unless it jams vision systems, it’s legal. Somebody actually asked already in Q&A. Just make sure the color you use won’t distract a camera–if it will, turn it off.

your not kidding right we so totally wanted to put them on our bot that would be so cool havening a bot that look like a crazy street racer.:smiley:

but like so you mean that we can put them underneath the bot and leave them on even while in overdrive?:confused:

because we just wanted them one like during time in the pit to make the bot mad cool showing it to other teams.:cool:

No, I’m not.

Hehe, I look forward to seeing what you have in store. I didn’t plan on going this far with the cart, but when half the team pitched their ideas in I took them and twisted it in my own way. Spray paint job was the most time-consuming. Took half an hour just to lay down the painter’s tape. Took a time lapse which I’ll edit and post later.

My interpretation of that Q&A answer is that you CAN use the cold cathodes from previous years, just make sure you have a switch of some description in the power line to them such that if a team needs you to turn them off so as not to confuse their vision system, you can.

That cart was pretty epic. You’ve got Davids Project II for this year.

Haha, I’ve got an old motorized wheelchair to add on this year. It’ll be pretty epic…

haha we did this on ours too… I next want to put a scissor lift on it but i have a feeling weight might become a problem… also many teams have done neon/lights on their bots Team 40 has done it forever and so have other bots…

Ah, 1501 put some old green cathodes left over from the poof ball game on our cart. There were six, but then took 2 off to make a crazy IR LED remote, I dont have any pics of it, but it looks like a bazooka and has white leds lining the side that light up when you pull the trigger.

A few other things to tackle this year, continuing from this list: http://chiefdelphi.com/forums/showpost.php?p=696210&postcount=3

*****] EDIT - Installation of motorized wheelchair for drive-train
x] [strike]Eight (8) green cold cathodes underside controlled by the driver[/strike]
x] [strike]Dual joystick driving capabilities[/strike]
*****] Programmer’s laptop resting station complete with docking and custom wiring for easy tethering solution
*****] Blue twirling light and audible alert (adjustable) programmed to a switch/button for safety warning
*****] Water bottle holder
x] [strike]A place to hold the robot (TBD)[/strike]
x] [strike]Convenient battery holder underside to power the cart[/strike]
x] [strike]Awesome looking black-and-yellow striped paint job!!![/strike]
*****] ADDED - Modularize the doggone thing. Loading the current config on the back of a school bus is not a fun task.

Scissor lifts don’t sound half-bad, if it fits within the modularization part. I’m thinking of just raising a platform for where the robot sits, and leaving a space under it for tools, or baggage when we unload the bus.