pic: Cart Wiring Plans

This is a idea for making a cart into a DC and AC power provider when no other sources are present. It will keep you robot batteries charging with your robot till you reach the floor. Reducing the need to run back and forth from the pit to get charged batteries.

o0o, this is just the first step. Later you will put a seat on the cart with a complete drive system, second car battery, and a tool box. You’ll see


if you don’t know what i am talking about

Well i wasn’t thinking about the riding part but now that you talk about it that would make things easier. Then to go even further have you operator interface mounted on the cart and have it drive up to your teams operating spot. i know i wouldn’t mind sitting down while driving the robot.

not sure thats legal… the whole cart in the operation spot and all. What if the human player climbs on it to his advantage??? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m telling you, we had the charging system on the cart for about 4 years(just like the one your designing) and i just added a second car battery, a seat with a 4 link harness, 2 joystick drive, a tool box, and probably going to add a mini fridge. The electrical system your designing is only step one :smiley: you’ll see

I don’t forsee caster wheels driving too well. Remember that Master C isn’t letting us change the wheels on this baby.

Hovercraft, here we come!

ahaha switches casters for giant fans and a skirt

yet somehow I would love to see something driven by caster wheels… just to see what would happen to it :stuck_out_tongue:

believe it or not, drives pretty well, does a good 10 fps down the hall

you must of locked the casters from being able to rotate around. what I meantr was a shopping cart style drive, one wheel is wobbly, the other keeps flipping around etc etc.

but I do believe that they would have some nice speed to them when they are locked in place lol

nope, the casters i used do not lock in place, :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


on the long stretch at national
oh god that would rock!

I only have to think to leave my troop transport trailer hitched or unhitched during the race, yes i said it, i made a trailer with seats for the rest of the operations crew :yikes: :smiley: :yikes:

as for cart racing, lets just say it should be very interesting

Makes mental note to personally push cart in Atlanta

And also to steal a 5 mph speed limit sign before Atlanta

Can we negotiate for 8mph for transport and as for racer, to each his own?

A little electrical tape, and 5 becomes an 8.

BTW, let’s keep this back on topic with the wiring plans. Cart drag racing can be discussed in chit-chat.

well looking at your design it could be greatly simplified. everything runs through the inverter except the car battery charger. My method only requires 2 AC relays.

The only problem with that is a inverter can’t make 100% of the DC energy to AC their is about a 20% loss as compared to a DC to DC converter where near to none is lost.

very true but honestly unless your planning on leaving it unplugged for 2 days straight and expect everything to be charged then theres really no need to be so concerned about it, thats just my experience. Your idea is great, but there has to be a way to simplify it. Simplicity is usually the best thing especially when in competition you cant devote any time to fix the system.

Looks pretty sweet, i hope to see it in Atlanta

Not to rain on anyone’s parade but… Game rules require that robot batteries be charged with the KOP supplied chargers only. As I have pointed out in other posts, UL Safety Advisors will be taking a long look at this type of design as it mixes high voltage AC and low voltage DC as well as having no safety ground while moving.