pic: Catalyst 2012 CRAZY SCORE

Is this in practice mode because thats the only way i think you can get 215 points.

You can’t get balance points in practice mode, so no, it’s a real match.

Not had a chance to play multi-player yet? How difficult is double balancing, single is quite easy.

From my experience, doubling is almost as easy as singling, but tripling is extremely hard, and takes several tries to get right (although it my tries involved two box bots)

It’s faster if you have more than one person driving, but I could get it in about 50 seconds with two Xbox controllers and a keyboard. it’s actually easier if one of the robots is long oriented.

You can’t triple in the 360 version though, since it’s 2v2.

Well you can, there’s just a few technical fouls involved:D (unless you do it on the co-op bridge)

It won’t count for points. :frowning:

where can i find the Catalyst Software?


I’d recommend you don’t do that, ever.


Why not? I’m just curious since I’ve tried both

You mean triple on the coopertition bridge? :stuck_out_tongue:

Does anyone know what the highest score with only the Trial version for 360 is? I can get up to 100 with a fixed shooter and I feel awesome.

I don’t know about the 360 but in the PC I’ve gotten 149 with a low fixed shooter.

I’ve gotten to 121 on the Xbox with a tracking shooter, and 115 with a fixed shooter. Does anyone know if they are going to bring online multiplayer to the Xbox?