pic: CD 7 ball harvester


this is our soccer ball harvester form 2002. few have asked to see a picture or two and heres one for now.

How does this work?

There’s some (but not much) discussion going on here too:

In a game where the bumpers significantly limit your ability to gather balls…

…I am very surprised that I’m the only one looking at this pic :cool:

Trust me you’re not, you’re just the only one who posted about it…

It looks like it works kind of like a waterfall… The two sides each push the ball towards the center, and the center pushes the ball into the robot. This actually reminds me of minecraft and the creep farms I used to make!

Also BlazinFire47, I like your avatar! Our team name is based off of the Zoids.

Come on guys, why did you have to post in this thread and give people ideas? :wink:

I’m not mentoring, so these robots you’re building better be competitive if I’m going to bother watching the game :slight_smile:

Team RUSH27 had something very similar in 2006.

I like it, but it looks heavy and how much time would something like this really save you in collecting the balls? Is it really necessary?

You weren’t I just didn’t need to look at it since I had it handy in my head the day of kickoff :wink:

And 08 if you look close. (I cheated, my brother helped build their 08 bot)

It can be done lightly.

How well would you say it worked out for you in 2006/how much did you use it?

I know you used it in 2008 but the application was a little different then a drop down harvester for smaller objects!

I was a pretty big fan in 06. It basically said that when we touched the ball it was ours. Similar in 08. It also helped with getting balls out of corners.

Which is itself great, but it also appears to solve the many into one problem, no?

is there much of a problem if you are trying to move the robot while picking up?

I don’t recall there being a huge one but that will also be a function of the rate you are moving compared to the rate the belts are running.

ANy inventor CAd file for other if so add it on FRC design help out the cad community

I would say on traction drives, it is not needed, as you can go with over the bumper pickups. Though, if you did not think of an over the bumper pickup, this can be built in between competitions and have relatively the same effect. On the other hand, this is very effective in a swerve drive, and I would even go to the length to say that in a ball game where you are doing swerve and are allowed to move past your bumper perimeter, this is absolutely necessary.

Also, 973, along with 2415, and later in the season 1323(they all work together), went with this design. 973 has published their CADs in the past, so if you want a CAD of this, you can hopefully get it then.

I believe the biggest advantage of such an intake is they really handle ball funneling like a champ. Jams just didn’t happen, and we were always single ball wide once we entered our robot.

Adam, what material do you make your rollers out of?

All the rollers on our robot (intake and conveyor) were 1.5" 1/16" wall. It would have been nice to make the rollers not exposed to impact 1/32" wall.

We made delrin external rings to space the belts, but this could have been done with tape, tread, etc…

The HUGE lesson we learned in 09 with polycord was that your rollers should be stiff for maximum efficiency.