pic: CD Aquiring usfirst.org?


I saw this error in my bookmarks and just had to post it!
That is the link for FIRST | For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology with the CD favicon.

Oh man that’s classic.

And it looks like Team 93 (New Apple Corps.) acquired your team as well going by the apple icon eh? :rolleyes:

That’s weird, there is no icon now. :wink:

This happened on my brother’s desktop once, the UNC-Ch network application acquired the icon of Diablo II. (A devil’s head if you’ve never seen it) It was oddly fitting because the app was hard to use and rather bad in general.

Nah, that’s our school district server’s favicon.
I got an earful back when I was the webmaster for changing it to a ‘67’ icon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Brandon running TIMS, what? :wink:

Eek … I don’t need any more to do! I can’t even get done with everything I’m responsible for now. coughCD-Events, etc.cough

You can always make ChiefDelphi open source :cool: