pic: CD invades my CD!

I was checking my inbox, to notice that I have 47 messages. Talk about Team Numbers in everyday places!!

Hehe… that happens to me all the time. The last three times I have noticed, my total private message count has been 173, 177, and now its at 179.

I notice team numbers everywhere, as my close friends know. Whenever I drive down the street, I shout out “Wildstang!” “Watertown!” “Technokats!”… etc, until it drive people crazy.

I also like calling out the team numbers while walking down the halls of hotels. Usually, there are FIRSTers with me (because most of my travel is due to FIRST) and they join in on the fun.
However, it must seem strange to the random people we walk by when I randomly yell out “Exploding Bacon!” and I am responded to with an exuberant “Oink Oink Boom!” :slight_smile:

My most recent favorite was when our flight number down to Atlanta from Hartford was 111. When I got my boarding pass and saw the flight number, my eyes lit up and I shouted “Wildstang!” to my team mates. The lady at the counter didn’t seem nearly as excited though.

Ha Ha !! That’s Awesome! :slight_smile:

One day during math class I was finding supplementary angles and as I was subtracting i was thinking to myself " SPAM (180) minus Wildstang (111) equals HYPER (69)." I love seeing team numbers in everyday places. :smiley:

oooo i managed to iritate my entire team by replying to the question “whats the score” with the respctive team name…as long as i could think of it. If i remember correctly there were quite a few cybersonics at the NJ regional :stuck_out_tongue:

When your mind becomes obsessed about anything, you will filter everything else out and find that thing everywhere… :wink:

That sound clip was originally from leetnature.ytmnd.com

Psssst, Art, it’s actually from the movie Pi :slight_smile:

Oops, I meant where I found it online… :yikes:

Haha. I won’t let you guys see what my # is. We won’t have to worry about that team number for a few years.


is it something like 781320786? lol

As in Pi-O-Neers??


Inbox contains 2310 messages.
You have 3882 messages stored, of a total 10000 allowed.


holy cow!!! and I try and keep mine below 100

I was going to Subway yesterday, and it was a special day, 2 12’’ subs for 7.99. Well, after buying 4 12’’ subs (3 Cold Cut Combos and a Sweet Onion chicken Teriyaki :smiley: ), and paying for it with a $20, I had exactly $3.06 change. Coincidence? I think not. And after that, I bought a few things at the store to go along with the subs at it came out with the change from the subs to $0.67! Coincidence? I think not.

P.S. I found that leetnature thing a WHILE ago, and it’s still funny, and INCREDIBLY relevant to this subject here.

Once again…I have 47 messages. Just this time it was for the cdXc email…which makes it funnier.