pic: CD-Media Programming Team

Just as “Big Mike” has speculated here:

CD47-Bot and archiver are in fact working hard on the new CD-Media area.

Oh --and Brandon Marcus took the picture.

I wanted to do something like this for my photography class, but I ran out of time.

Glad to see CD-Media is rolling along.

That’s really cool!
Could you explain how you made the composite picture?

I think have the general idea:
3 pictures; camera not moving
then combine them into one picture with Photoshop

My question is: How did you do the combining?
Cropping the pictures for the area around each place you were, then carefully lining them up is what I’d think. I’d like to know how you did it.

Photoshop? Psh, that’s Brandon Martus, Brandon Marcus, and one of Brandon’s clones that do all the work for him :wink:

If this wasn’t Chief Delphi, I would reply with…


But because this is, in fact, CD, I will post the definition for humor.

Humour (humor in American English) is a form of entertainment and a form of human communication, intended to make people laugh and feel happy. The origins of the word “humour” lie in the humoral medicine of the ancient Greeks, which stated that a mix of fluids, or humours, controlled human health and emotion.

Be nice Cory, they’re just new… they don’t know about the 3 Brandon’s yet (remember, it’s supposed to be a secret so shhhhhh)

Nah, its ok if they know about the 3 Brandons…what they can’t know is that they’re actually clones made by Mike Ma…meep! Gotta run!

There’s something extremely disturbing about this image. I think it’s the idea of 3 Brandons, it just too scary to comprehend. :yikes:

Camera on a tripod.
10 second timer to get into place.
2 laptops.

photoshop, each picture on a layer.
use the bottom image for the whole background
trace out the other brandons on the other 2, and delete the non-brandon in each picture :slight_smile:

the shadow around the feet of the standing brandon didnt come out as nice as i wanted, and A.D.D. was kicking in, hense the big orange box in the bottom right corner.

It looks really good. I’m guessing the Brandon sitting leaned back is the base picture. Although they are all so good it is hard to tell. You must have done it really high res and then shrunk it down.

Correct, the ‘sitting’ picture was the base.

I used my new Canon PowerShot S70 (7.1 MegaPixel) and shot it at 3072x2304 pixels (each file was about 1.5 MB, pretty small actually relative to some other pictures ive taken)

I’m uploading the pictures to flickr now:
sitting (10x7) (30x23)
recline (10x7) (30x23)
standing (10x7) (30x23)

hmm… A pretty neat place to work at.

some more of the neat little ideas you’ve had… Now getem back to work! :slight_smile:

Since this thread was revived from the “Oops” thread …

Back in the day, it was easy to do this. It was called a “double exposure” (or in this case, triple). In fact, if you didn’t advance the film (what’s that) properly, all kinds of interesting photos showed up when you got them back from the developers (another what’s that).