pic: CD of yesteryear

Check out those forum stats! I was searching the wayback for the 2001 CDI rules (can anyone out there help me out???), but couldn’t resist looking at the earliest archived version of chiefdelphi.com. I remember those days…but boy am I glad that technology advances and we have an awesome webmaster that keeps giving us goodies…like this here CD-Media thingy!

Wow, that’s ugly. :slight_smile:

…wow 367 users… :eek:

If you really wanna go old school you gotta get pictures of the bulliten board delphi used to put in the pits. It was an actual cork board bulliten board. unless im thinking of the completely wrong thing.

Pretty sure I remember that corkboard in their pit in EPCOT back in 99 at least…maybe 2000 as well. Ah the good old days!


I believe there’s a picture of it in CD-Media … as well as the concept for the ‘Who Am I’ gallery.


I remember that from 1999.

Yeah me too, I don’t believe I was registered at that time, but I do remember reading it.

Man… I didn’t know you guys read ChiefDelphi when you were in 8th grade!


Huh?, the Fall of 1999 was my Freshman year in High School! I remember going to the library with Phil Lundberg to check up on news for CDI.