pic: CD on a Super Sized monitor.


Saw this at the mall… err… I mean no… this is at my house…

Just kidding, this was at the Apple store at the Danbury Fair Mall this weekend, and of course since I was with 3 other FIRSTers we had to open Chiefdelphi.com and take a picture.

Look at all that space for longer thread titles. Amazing isn’t it?
I believe the monitor is 30 inches across.

edit: Sorry the pic is so dark…

There were 4 of us poking around the Danbury mall in CT. We somehow wandered into the Apple store. Sadly, the first thing that came to all 4 of our minds when we saw that screen was “Dang, I wonder how big ChiefDelphi would look on that monitor…”

Fortunately, all the computers in the Apple Store were online. Elgin couldn’t help but snap the picture, while Dez did the same with his cameraphone. (It’s a 30" Apple HD Cinema Display… the picture of Travis the UFH is roughly the size of an average person’s hand, at some insanely high resolution. Half the newsposts on the portal fit on one long line).

I’ll see if I can get to a local Apple Reseller that has a G5 with the dual 30"… :wink:


Thats awesome. I’ll try to hook up my laptop to my 42" plasma TV and see how CD looks on that.

OK, so I saw that and just couldn’t resist. Here is 63 inches of ChiefDelphi.com!!!


(aahh, the fun you can have with an extra monitor and video card lying around the house…)


Holy crap… :ahh:

Man, Dave always has to one up us. We build robots to play games, he build robots to go on other planets, Elgin makes CD 30 inches, you make it 63 inches.

Darn. I guess my 42" is not enough. Oh well

Whoaaa…that is shweeeeet:D

Whew I’m glad that your other post…

…was just a typo :ahh: :wink:

Dave :smiley:

Ah, behold the power of CSS

(Now if you pronounce that like Ceese then you will understand why that is funny :slight_smile: )

Dave, you have too much spare time! (Imagine what would happen if he spent all of that time designing the game!)


Water Game!

Aww man Dave, just when I finish cleaning all of the drool off of my pro keyboard… :wink:

I love those 30" monitors. They are simply beautiful.

How about getting someone at a competition to put CD onto the competition screens… now THATS big, 120"?


I came back to this thread after only seeing that 30" monitor to say that I am upset because I just down-sized my monitor and ChiefDelphi (along with everything else) seems so tiny now. My last monitor blew up; I would never voluntarily downsize.

Now you can’t see the cool things you have on the back corners of the desk. And now only your G5 has monitors and you have at least one computer that is monitor-less. Of course you could always hook up a KVM switch (I don’t have enough room for all that in my apartment (well, I could fit it all…but not easily).

EDIT: It isn’t 63" Dave! I found you out. You need to maximize the window for it to be 63". I can see Mars on the left side of the desktop, so ChiefDelphi must only be approx. 60". And if you really want to get technical, monitors are measured diagonally and yours are all lined up straight, so the diagonal line won’t be as long, seeing that the height of the screen is the height of only one monitor.
I did some quick math to find that two 30" screens would have approximately 200 sq. in. more in surface area than three 21" monitors. And the adjusted size of two 30" monitors side by side would be 59.39", while the adjusted size for three 21" monitors side by side would be 51.95". Sorry Dave, you have only achieved approximately 52" of ChiefDelphi minus a couple of inches of Mars.

But I do commend you on your efforts. (And you still have Elgin beat!)
(I used two 30" monitors, because it would relate closer to the three 21" monitors. If you add them straight, you obviously get 60" and 63" respectively.)