pic: CD on my Sidekick 2

I felt like being a follower. Its a small screen and took some getting used to, but now it keeps me busy during work

As fellow sidekick user… i must say it’s become a core device to my existence. The one thing i never leave home without.

Anybody have a picture of CD on their PSP?

Oh, don’t get me started.

the sidekick = arguably the best invention out there, AIM, email, the net, text messages, everything just out there at your disposal. complete mobility, I’ve had a full signal everywhere I traveled- from colorado to houston to north carolina…

and last i heard the sk2 is down to $99 (with a $40 activation fee), I’m still on my sidekick 1 since a $300 tradeup would only give me a digital camera and some nifty features. The monthly plans aren’t too bad either, I only shell out 25 per month for unlimited data…

[/shameless plug]

So wait, it is a a phone with a keyboard and you can get the real full internet on it through the cell phone service? So you can be on the internet anywhere? How much is the monthly fee for that? Does it depend on how much bandwidth you use on the internet? How fast is it on the net?

I know this isn’t a general phone thread… but have any of you played with the Treo 650? Is it better than the Sidekick? (I don’t want to start a flame war I’m just looking to upgrade my phone soon.)

here you can get the internet on 95% of phones. Some do itjust as far as gprs (ie downloading stuff from WAP enabled websites) wehereas a lot of hte new generation ones with better screens are proper browsing. One of the team has a phone that is basically one big screen with no keys, and it works from text recognition from a stylus (like a palm). He can get everything on the web and if we are somehwere without net access he can look up on gooogle etc for whatever he wants.
can you get the net on a psp?

For me, it’s 20 dollars a month for ulimited data, which includes emails, internet browser, aim, yahoo messenger, online phone games, text messages, and syncing with online service. Its quite the attention grabber with the flipping screen and bult in camera. The SKII takes a bit getting used, the SKI feels alot better when typing, but after you adjust, its a great improvment.