pic: CD Photoshop Round 2

Yes…his toe/finger nails are pink.

No…I don’t know why

My entry for the

CD Photoshop Contest Round 2

hah i’m in the middle of preperation for exam week stressing out like crazy and this pic/caption just made me crack up laughing, this one made my day lol. Hehe I like this one the best by far.


I haven’t been able to get “Oink Oink Boom” out of my head since UCF and once I saw the pig…I knew it had to be :slight_smile:

woops! wrong thread… sorry

I dont get it…lol

You made the toenail polish the OOB color - how cool is that!
Rock OUT!

I have to say that its REALLY creepy that this picture resurfaced… as I just went through the airport today (in Wash DC for work), and as I was walking to the security station, I heard this hideous rrraaaaahhhhhhh that sounded like a really sick, evil rhaspy baby… When I figured out what it was, it was a lady who had brought her PIG(smaller version of the one in this pic!!) into the airport presumably to bring with her on her trip!!!

during florida regional, the exploding bacon team chanted “oink oink boom” the whole time. quite catchy actually.


Hahah, I was taking a break from studying for my Calculus exam like Dan too and just ran into this. Very nice. :slight_smile: I’m so glad everybody’s digging the chant.

Oink Oink Boom! The greatest team chant ever heard at the Lone Star Regional!

BTW I love the picture! :slight_smile:

I agree with others. As a member of 1902 the Oink Oink Boom team, this made my day.