pic: CD-Xtreme 10th Anniversary Edition


Here is the Robot for the 2005 competition from Chief Delphi 47.
We named it CD-Xtreme in light of our 10th year (hence the X )

What exactly is the mechanism for grabbing tetras? It’s hard to tell from the picture.

LOL if we didn’t already have enough people confusing Teams 47 and 48 (I still don’t understand why it happens as frequently as it does), we now have CD-Xtreme and xtremachen8! Oy!

Nice job on the bot! Good luck, and see you in Pittsburgh.

Tetras? You mean your suppose to pick them up?

Just kidding - we use a rotating finger(s) and a support panel to “grab” the tetra. It kinda hard to tell from the picture because the finger is orange and the pivot is silver - it is driven by a #25 chain via the window lift motor and a couple of sprockets.

Travis - sorry but the kids wanted more than cd X (tenth robot) - the good news is that next year is cd 11 and we will not be Xtreme

Looking forward to seeing you in Pittsburg

Did you guys intentionally post the angle from which the mechanisms on your robot are least visible? :wink: It’s just a bit hard to tell anything about it.


It’s a little hard to see in the picture, but it looks like the wheels are rotated 90 degrees. Crab drive or are we looking at the side of the robot?

i just noticed those; additionally, there also seems to be a wheel each on the left and right (or front/back?) sides as well.

Sorry about the difficulty you are having distinguishing what we built.
The photo is one of 2 that we took before it went into the box. We were so busy building we didn’t have time to get better shots.
As far as the drive and such - I guess I’d rather not say because reading the guesses is alot more fun - just kidding.
No, we don’t have crab steering this year.
No, you are not looking at the side, that is the front of the machine.

Yes. But which side? Front? Left? Right? Back? :smiley:

J/K, as Mike Aubry said, it’s the Front.

And that, my friends, is a heap of hooey from Mike. Is he sorry? suuure. Did they forget to take other pictures? suuuure.

Just ribbin’ ya.

The 'bot looks eXtremely eXcellent. That black skirt reminds me of a certain legendary 'bot from 2000.

Good luck. Let’s see a Delphi team back in the Finals at Championships!!

Andy B.