pic: Cellular laptop

Cellular laptop? Not happening…

LoL, Scudz3y and his new wardriving antenna :wink: can u hear me now? NO??? Why not?!. we saw this antenna and thought it would be an awesome caption shot.

Wow that puts the good old Cantanna to shame. :slight_smile:

soo that’s what you guys do over on that side of the pit !!??! :ahh:
glad you guys are having fun :slight_smile:
does the pit ever have service really for any cell phone really ? :confused: all well have fun my dear team mates–keep up all the hard work :stuck_out_tongue:

:ahh: HEY we have a laptop exactly like that to do programming and sometimes Inventor stuff.

Wow that puts the good old Cantanna to shame.

lol the cantenna is still being tested, you should see steve’s new projects… :slight_smile: Bi-quad antennas mounted on direct tv satilite dishes :0
woot for scienc fair!

I have that laptop!

It’s pretty sweet.

they have laptops that can be used like phones now that there is Voice over IP, VOIP and the new satellite laptops that can get a signal in remote places are kinda like that to.

Is that an r3030. If so I am using an identical one.

No wonder there’s no service - its a Compaq! :rolleyes: