pic: Celt-X "Tipsy" 2018 CAD Release

Rendering of our 2018 robot. CAD files in the comments…

Here’s the CAD for Celt-X 5406’s Power-Up robot “Tipsy”. This robot stretched our capabilities a lot, and we’re really proud that we executed it well, and had a successful season with it. Some notable design features include:

  • Armevator - why choose between a double jointed arm and an elevator when you can have both? 8ft+ of total lift
  • Coordinated motion between wrist and arm motors to stay within the frame perimeter extension rule
  • Modified Vex Versa-Chassis with wheels pushed to the very corners
  • “Parallel Park” buddy lift - we found it easier to get partners squared up and centered on the ramp (forklift) when they approach from the side. 2 speed elevator lifts cubes in fast gear, robots in low gear.
  • Custom “outside-in” single speed drive gearboxes running 8x 775 pro motors - Celt-X’s first in-house CNC’d parts!
  • 3D printed encoder housings / mounts for 7 axes of motion, plus 3d printed camera mount and wrist stops (that one in flexible TPU)
  • Coiled umbilical (not modelled)
  • Soft/hard grip intake cylinders (fed by two different solenoids and a shuttle valve, not modelled). Intake wheels driven by an all-belt reduction with 3D printed compound pulleys.
  • Closed-loop intake wheel speed control for delicate cube placement.
  • Tipsy never actually tipped in competition :slight_smile:

STEP file here
GrabCAD partner space (Solidworks native files and web-based viewer) here

Feel free to ask any questions! I’ll try to answer or have one of our other students or mentors respond

Great CAD, great render, great robot. I love how neat the packaging on the whole robot is.

As a side note, I’ve seen a lot of 2-pneumatic intakes. I’m surprised more people didn’t just use springs and a triple-acting solenoid.

Springs aren’t adjustable. Using a single cylinder with a couple cots pneumatic bits was not only easier to adjust but simpler too.

One of my favorite robots this season.

Great job on the season! I knew you guys were gonna do wonders after I saw you guys play at Ruckus during offseason last year. I loved your robot this year, so I really appreciate being able to observe it one step further! thanks for the files, and congrats on the great season ! ~ :slight_smile:

I’m excited to dig through the cad for one of my favorite bots this season! I’m happy the outside-in gearboxes made it on an actual robot- its clear all your hard work this offseason paid off. Congrats on an awesome season! Thanks for sharing CAD!!

Not sure if its just me, but parts library seems to be missing for the Solidworks native assembly and its difficult to see whats going on without the COTS items, any chance you could Pack-and-Go the Solidworks assembly? Pleassseeeeeee!

Excellent machine from an excellent team! It was a pleasure to be in the pits next to you all and I appreciated the tour of the robot I got from your students!

Awesome robot, awesome season. Congratulations.

Great robot from a great team. It was fun playing you guys at Ryerson!

We’re honoured by all of the praise. I hope a deep dive into the CAD doesn’t ruin your opinions of the design :slight_smile:

The COTS files are in a different folder in the Grabcad partner space. But you can find a pack-and-go of the assembly here!

Here’s 5406’s CAD in Onshape!


Thanks Ty! There is an error in the import though. The bumper rail at the back should have been cut (between the 2x1 standoffs) to allow the ramp to fold down.