pic: Centennial Olympic Park Fountain of Rings

A little fun in the park with The Westin Hotel in the background.

Turns out the missing windows on the building in the background are from a tornado a year ago. The company that makes those windows went out of business a couple of years back so the company is unable to replace them yet. Interesting.

According to Wikipedia, the windows were made by PPG Industries. They’re still in business but don’t make those windows anymore, and new windows would be noticeably different because of the thirty years of weathering on the old ones. Additionally, building codes have changed and the 1/4 inch uninsulated windows are not adequate anymore. Supposedly in summer 2010 they’re replacing all 5600 windows with new ones that will have a bronze tint.

You can tell some of us were a little bored waiting to go on our trip d:

I like the look of the random checkers of windows.

It would be so cool if each window had LED’s running around the edges of them, That way you could do giant projections with the hotel sides. If they are going to replace them all anyway, why not spend the extra money and have something wicked cool.