pic: Central Valley Alliance: 1323, 1671, 2761

Team 1323 would like to thank Akash (11), Dustin (816), and Sean (1771) for helping out with everything this season. Also Team 1323 is proud of its neighbor FRC teams 1671 and 2761. They won the Spirit Award and Rookie All-Star Award.


Just a quick correction. I believe team 2761 won the rookie all-star award.

Go CV Alliance!

They did, you are right!

Good to see improvements in CV man. Congrats to all of you on a job well done.

Hearing that 1323 won Chairman’s is one of the best moments I will carry with me in FIRST. So insanely proud of you guys. Cya soon.:cool:


Now this looks like unified Central Valley Robotics team!
Congrats to Madtown on your Chairman’s Award!!!
Congrats to BRT Doc. V on your Animation Award & Spirt Award!!!
Congrats to Clovis North “Horsepower” Rookie All Star Award!

C E N T R A L - V A L L E Y!!!

RC, no need to give thanks. You guys pwning trailers and winning RCA is thanks enough for me.

See you in the Dome.