pic: CEO/President/Founder of NI likes M&Ms


This was the night before ship date. Dr. Truchard, the CEO/President/CoFounder of National Instruments came out to congratulate and support us. He’s such a cool guy!

Awesome photo, great robot from one of the rising stars of Texas.

Keep up the great work

This is a fantastic photo. Congratulations on an awesome season. Thank you to the mentors for making a difference in the team, creating awesome opportunities. The M&Ms are helping to make an impact in the school community that is so valuable to our Austin area.


Thank you all! We’re still going at it, eventually we’ll take a break soon (I hope). We’ve been constantly driven to do more cause the team wants to do more and wants to become greater. :slight_smile: I’m so excited to see where this team will go in the next year to come…