pic: CGX-104 V2 internals

Second revision of CGX-104. I’ve made the cycloidal gears into two discrete offset gears in order to counter the vibrations while preserving the package size and weight. Pictured is two 18:1 stages in series to make a 324:1 gearbox, although it may be possible to go as high as 20:1 in a single stage. If the pin size is reduced to less than 1/8", then the ratio can be even higher.
The externals look pretty much the same, perhaps slightly longer. It now weighs as much as a versaplanetary as well.
It might take a couple days to generate the stages. I think I’ll see what ratios I can get using

With the combined stages, what constrains the intermediate pin assembly concentric? I could see if it’s just the one stage there would be bearings on the output side, just like as pictured on the second stage output, but I don’t see what holds the first stage output concentric. I suppose your eccentric input shaft might have a body that carries through, but that would complicate the shaft greatly and require a different “central” shaft for each stage configuration.

It’s a cool design, thanks for sharing.

I was counting on it remaining concentric the same way the versaplanetary does, by constraining the gears with the pins, although it is possible to put a bearing on the output shafts if I extend the length of each stage and shorten the pin-holder output shaft block. I’m not sure if it’s necessary, as the assembly is constrained mostly by the fixed ring pins and partially by the tranfer pins in a smaller ring.
The only alignment bearings right now are the ones on the output shaft and on any input motors.