pic: Chain Aligning #1564

We used in total 2 rolls of electrical tape to re-align the chain beacuse it was off by an incredibly amount. We could not take out the wheel's axel out beacuse we forced in the axle into the shaft colar when we were building the robot, therefore, making it impossible. A bit of friction… no big deal =) Amazing eh?

What is that big black thing?!? It seems to be a large bunch of electrical tape. Help me out here, my mechanical mind can’t figure it out!

Yeah, it is a larage bunch of electrical tape wrapped in with small pecies of thin steal. We were trying to tension the chain as well as to push the chain inwards towards the gearbox. Same with the bottom.

Took me a while to figure out whats going on here. You do realize that is an illegal use of electrical tape right? Must grind though that tape pretty quick!

Yeah, using tape for anything other than non-functional decoration is illegal, and it doesn’t look like you could just simply make a bracket to set the gearbox over. So, taking off the wheel and re-aligning that would be your bes bet ( Nothing is impossible with a hack-saw and large hammer :cool: )

Might I suggest a block of Delrin for a more legal method of tensioning your chain? Just swap that tape monster for a delrin cylinder of apprpriate size (always be on the side of too tight), and lock it into place.

(by the way, I do love the idea… but it’ll get eaten through and the inspectors will just love it…)

How about the old engine swappers trick, making it fit, via stacks of washers. Put them on the bottom of the tranny and viola! tensioning. (Although it depends on how much slack you have if this works)

That’s not true. <R33> disallows tape in all instances except for 4 exceptions. Non-functional decorations is not one of the exceptions.