pic: Chain tension

A very simple way to tension chains with out an aditional sprocket. Very low profile and easy to adjust. Just insert a deep socket into the hole at the top and tighten the nut. We drilled through the aluminum corner supports for the kit frame (just missing the bolts) and inserted a 1/4 threaded rod though and into a taped hole in a block of aluminum for the axle support.

Very nice! far more professional looking than ours…


nice, we will probably try to integrate something like that in our robot next year, this year we have floating rings one one chain, and a regular tensioned with some shims as the chain stretches on the other.

I like using PVC too, though it tends to get chewed up a bit, and might need to be flipped before eliminations :stuck_out_tongue:

We have used 1" diameter UHMW we cut flats in the ends and bolt it to the chassis. This even works well for high load components, such as arms and such.

I will see if i can get a picture soon.

  • Bochek

This is a great idea! I have been trying to come up with a better way than moving the gearboxes back and forth but my search has ended! Thank you!

We are using it on our belt drive system, it works great for fine tuning and alignment. I think it would work well with chains also. It is so easy to use, we pop off the bupers and inset a deep socket and adjust it. We did have to add a threaded hole at the ends of the axle to remove the shaft out the side of the frame. With all the items covering the axel you can’t get a hold of it so we thread in a screw and pull it out easy.