pic: Chain Tensioner

our custom chain tensioner.

The hub of an AM’ Kit wheel cut out with a KOP Sprocket bolted on and two eye hooks.

NOW we know what kit wheels are for! very clever

Man I love stuff like this. Great job!

Dang, that is extremely cool. This is the first I’ve ever seen or heard of this use of a kit wheel.

Andy B.

Andy–there might be a market for a small aluminum sprocket with a bearing pressed tightly into it.

McMaster sells steel idlers like that…they’re kind of heavy and big.

well, we bought 4 chain tensioners from AM’, and we tried to use them but due to clearance issues they wouldent work for us. So we had to come up with something else.

If AM’ sold something like this, I think alot of teams would be interested (including us, as we no longer have any extra KOP wheels)

sweet, you should put one of these on the side http://www.knowyourmind.co.uk/images/spiral.jpg

I’d buy that.

(Ingenuity aside…) Why use a bearing when nylon has been proven by many teams to be just as effective? Even a brass bushing would be less expensive and probably lighter than a bearing. The efficiency loss between the two is somewhat nominal; this year’s FTC shooters are a good example.

My current favorite chain tensioner sprocket:
https://sdp-si.com/eStore/PartDetail.asp?Opener=Group&PartID=5213&GroupID=585 (ignore the pictures, look at the material type)

At the very least I would take 3 of those bolts out to save some weight, all 6 probably isn’t necessary for an idler.

Their robot is tiny, I think they have the weight to spare. :slight_smile:

hopefully :wink:

I’d use it this year.

Great job guys ,simple,effective,light,and inexpensive . All the things needed to keep to the K.I.S.S. method, my favorite way to build anything!