pic: Chainzilla in Tokyo

last night i some bone-chilling footage of chainzilla.

nice but your robot will loose against those monsters!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Are you sure?

Never underestimate the power of those CIMs! :wink:

especially when they have a DeWalt transmission on them.

dies laughing gracious professionalism!

Since when has saving a city from giant monsters been deemed not to fall under GP?

Well if you guys have not figured it out yet, the three monsters :eek: as some say make up a triple threat alliance against other teams at the Lone Star Regional.

From what I understand, Godzilla and Orga don’t get along too well.

Mentors, this post is a reminder to BE VERY CAREFUL FOR WHAT YOU WISH FOR! I think a few weeks ago I wished that more of our students were active members of CD and that they would post more often.

Great job Zach! Sorry, your travel to Tokyo is not reimbursable.