pic: Chairbot is throwing sparks!


We were fixing some screws sticking out but decided we didn’t have the time to remove the belt. No damage or melting but several people, myself included, were a bit nervous. This was taken by Jake on 2186.

those spark never starts a fire for me no matter how hard i try…
the only thing i would recomend with those spark is were safety glasses.
and youll be fine.

Yeah, I’ve never seen sparks from cutting or grinding start fires. If they did, we would’ve lit our shop on fire at least 10 times by now.

Sparks start fires all the time. That is why there is no grinding of any kind in the pit. One of the most spectacular spark generated fires that I know started in the roundhouse of the Durango Silverton Railroad a few years back. A worker was doing some bench grinding and some of the sparks ended up in the insulation between the inside and outside walls behind the bench. It smoldered for hours before setting the building on fire during the night. No one was hurt but a lot of antique equipment was damaged.