pic: Chairman's Award Presentation Teaser

We figured that since there are so many robot teasers out and about that we need a good Chairman’s Award teaser. May I present for your viewing pleasure, King Kamen.

Ok, so at the FIRST Royal Court we have:

  • Dean Kamen, King of FIRST
  • Woodie Flowers, Archbishop of Gracious Professionalism
  • Don Bossi, Lord FIRST High Chamberlain

and so on down the line. Who are some other noteworthy court figures?

Bah -

Back to the photoshoping. Got more photos to make :-p

Ahem. Dean Kamen’s official title is actually Lord Dumpling.

Or did you not know about that?

Yes, I knew. Dean’s Lord Dumpling title is permanent, or at least he will keep it as long as he holds onto his island.

The titles I listed in this thread are game specific, so they are only valid this year. Of course in a medieval tower defender game, there must be a King – and that can only be Dean.

How about High Priest Frank?

Every mentor that has won the Woodie Flower’s Award at champs should be referred to as Sir or Dame, because they have been knighted for their accomplishments.

This is great haha