pic: Championship Coaches

Rock Stars: Derek Bessette & Paul Copioli

Haha. 1114’s drive team doesn’t need much coaching, as you can tell from his stance.

JVN forgot to put himself in the “Rock Stars” category. Yes, John, you are one to FIRSTers.

Amazing or scary, I can’t seem to decide. I’ll go with amazing.

Derek looks so calm in the picture, while Paul and John are like OMG whats happening

In Minnesota they would all have recieve a penelty for stepping over the line. Did that happen at any other regionals?

Really? I am fairly certain that there is no rule limiting the movement of the coach within the alliance zone once the teleoperated period has begun. If you were called for a penalty for this you should have had one of the pre-college students on your team contest it.

See <G48>

the DRIVERS, the COACH and any local ROBOCOACH must stay within their ALLIANCE
ZONE. They may travel anywhere within the ALLIANCE ZONE (note that the ALLIANCE
ZONE includes the local ROBOCOACH STATION). Any ROBOCOACH starting in the
remote ROBOCOACH STATION must stay within the remote ROBOCOACH STATION
during the entire MATCH. Each incident of stepping out of the designated area will result in

John doesn’t really look “OMG” It looks like more of a “hey, thats neat” face IMO

1114 & 217 = Biggest Threat ever to the other teams.

anywayz, these coaches worked hard and earned their win. They are the Heroes of 2008.

Good job

Is there anyone else who thinks it looks like Paul got his legs waxed for Championship? :stuck_out_tongue: I’m just saying…

Wow, I wasn’t the only one who thought that… :rolleyes:

On a more serious note, does the 217 drive-team coordinate to all wear shorts? Is there a reason behind it? Or does it just happen?

Probably a function of being from Michigan and in Atlanta (or Hot-lanta).

I’ve always tried to keep a pair of shorts handy when going to a venue, in case the heat is intolerable on the field. (At Palmetto in 2006, I actually walked back to my dorm room during the lunch break in order to get some shorts on. It was a little worrisome, though, since we were the first match after lunch. :ahh: )

Ladies and Gentlemen, the best coaches I’ve ever encountered. [Not much to say seeing as I’ve only been to 5 events.] Working with John throughout the year is an experience in itself, but being able to work with him and two of the best coaches and mentors in FIRST was just amazing; not to mention all three of them are WFA winners. I do look forward to hopefully working with these guys in the future as a driver, and maybe someday a fellow coach.

P.S.- Why does it look like I’m hiding…? No idea what I was doing. Hah.