pic: Championship Ring

A pic of the rings our school got us for winning the champion ship.

Your school truly supports the FIRST team!

At first I thought it is your graduation ring but I think it is only for the robotics team.
So did every member of the team receive a ring?

Yea, every member/mentor that went to Atlanta recieved a ring.

THAT IS SO COOL!!! Man, I wanted the F.I.R.S.T. emblem on the side of my class ring, i even joked about like every single day in F.I.R.S.T. class. Very cool though.:cool:

I’m getting the emblem on my ring! But geeeeee, I wish my school district had that much support for our team!

that is really awesome… Hopefully some other schools will follow suit in the future.

Having your school get a FIRST Champioship rings is wicked cool, I wish I had one…
I dont think my school would have that much support in us, but I like how things are and wouldn’t change anything…

Back in 2003, Pontiac Northerns school district gave us rings too. But we had to fight for ours, we didnt get them untill the next school year around october.

The rings looks awesome by the way. Def a work of art. :cool:

Show off!!!
I love the ring tho and I have one tooo lol ,I didnt think you would put a picture on CD
They look pretty cool
Our school was really supportive!!