pic: Chantilly Academy's 4 Wheel Drive 4 Wheel Steering!!!!

If it doesn't break, it should be fun to drive.

That’s pretty impressive. How tight can you steer? How much does everything in the pic weigh?

The inside wheels can turn at a 45 degree angle, putting the turn radius at about 11". Almost as good as tank steering.

All-up weight so far, with our tubular arm (not pictured) is 92 lb. Not bad, but I am sure it will creep up to the limit, like last year.

very nice and impressive. where will you be competing?

We’ll be at VCU and Atlanta.

sweet, we’ll see you in atlanta!

that’s really sweet looking guys

how many parts is in that?
i’m gonna have to see you guys at alanta

I think next year if you liked that styyle this year try making nylon tracks for sliders andno welds.
i like it.

holy crap. thats crazy. 4wd 4ws. if you make this right side and left side different motors as in tanksteerable you have a hurricane right there,

What no oil filled shocks or leaf springs? J/K Great job.

We don’t have shock absorbers, but we used Lexan for mounting the wheels. It seems to be much more flexible than we anticipated, so we have decided to call it a design feature - “automatic load balancing suspension” :slight_smile:

Awesome drive train. Can’t wait to check it out at the DC scrimmage and VCU.

how many motors drive it?
also do you think the design would work on a larger scale wityhout wearing down the tires (abscence of a differential)?

Nice work guys. Pity we wont be attending the VCU regional(for the first time since its creation) to compete, but hopefully well see you at the building museum for the DC scrimmage and in Atl.
Oh, and i love how your name is carved into the front.

I imagine it will be able to jump into a goal with no problems.

Will you still be using the KoP joysticks or a actual steering wheel?

right now it is joysticks, and we are still in the testing phase to get it running exactly as we want, if we are able to get everything running perfectly before friday, which may be a stretch, then we might be able to put together a nice looking steering wheel, gas pedal and reverse shifter, but all of that would take a lot of time, and we are tight on time right now, so as of now, i would say we will only be using joysticks, unless a miracle happens

how fast does it take to do a 360? Nice engineering btw.

Cant wat to see this at VCU. I will have to see how all this works. Great job!

hardly five to ten secs to turn 360`. We just needed to do the final test and w will be ready to go. Our arm is still under work and will be ready befreo the DC scrimmage. Its also light weight and can go upto 12 ft.

Sweet design. This is one that we all wanna see up close. Great job!

Andy B.