pic: Chariot pics

PLEASE HELP ME :ahh: :yikes: … if anyone has any pictures of my RoboDevils, team 1018 Segway Chariot (as seen in my profile pic) I need to get as many as I can for the person who provided the chariot skin. Anything you have from Cleveland OR Atlanta would be great. Please post here, or email pictures to me at bloom86indy-chariotpics@yahoo.com. THANKS in advance for your help!! :slight_smile:

There’s one here: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/pictures.php?s=&action=single&picid=7685&direction=DESC&sort=date&perrow=4&trows=3&quiet=Verbose

Thanks alot Brandon … I guess I did say “anything” … :rolleyes:
Of course I would prefer to see the Segway functioning as intended, or maybe even standing alone … just not disabled … :slight_smile:

Thanks again!