pic: Chassis Base

Our chassis base completed. The rest of the frame follows soon.

No joke – this look almost identical to our 2008 frame! I bet it even weight 5.75 lbs too.

Does it use anti-gravity, or is that girl fastened to some hidden supporting structure?

did you guys grind the welds. if so its not the best idea. or so ive herd.

cool frame, cute girl, they go great together lol :wink:

Love that shirt! :slight_smile: And the frame!

Most of the strength of the weld comes from the inner corners where the frame members meet. Corners, such as the ones seen on the open front of this frame, are fairly weak as it is since they’re on the edge; but they will hold throughout an entire 3-competition season (as was seen with us the last 2 years). Cross members, such as the middle cross member seen in the picture, are plenty strong with those two welds.

Hence, grinding the ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ surfaces does not significantly weaken either type of join so long as the welds on the inside corners are done properly. Grinding is also necessary if you plan to properly powder coat the frame…the bumps severely detract from the final look of the robot.

Actually, 14 lbs. But that’s pretty light–this thing is basically max dimensions.

Thank you, that’s me holding up the frame.

Velcro on the shoes…