pic: check out our drive train

Today we needed to count the links in the drive chain.

Interesting way to count links. Riveting, one might even say.:rolleyes:

Although we usually just use the 221 chain tool for trial-and-error number of links while electrical wires the robot.

Looks good guys, what’s your plan for yellow totes on the step?

Catapults worked well last year…

Did anyone else think they were header pins on first glance?

What are header pins?

Cliock here for answer.

No, the wheels caught my eye first, so I had the right scale. I did spend half a second wondering why they put anti-strum cable fairing on a chain that’s going to work in air, and how it would fit around the sprockets at high speed and not get tangled. OBTW, my job title between build sessions is oceanographer.

Wait, they’re not?
Those are rivets, huh…

Yes those are rivets.