pic: Check out them wheels

We had a choice of wheels and decided to get some sixteen inch wheels


Bigger wheels means the faster you go perhaps.

tell that to 254/968… 16fps last year on < 4" wheels…

Well, with direct drive from the Toughbox and a 16" wheel, I’m calculating about 24ft/s. Maybe they plan on bouncing off the end walls to get around the track.

Is there a “custom” coupler on the back side of that wheel? It looks to me like the wheel already has a broached hub on it, which would make it quite easy to mount to. Any details?

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I would be more worried about tripping breakers with a setup like that.

WOW… Cool wheels… and they ARE big so I guess you expect to run really fast. I think the fastest I would try to control a robot in such an enclosed space as the field is 16 FPS tops. I’ll have to watch video of the regional you go to. ( I think if you have wheels THAT big you also have to install airbags…)


Similar setup as 2005 then eh?


Better than last year’s drive…

Oh, and Steve: L.A. typically doesn’t have a webcast. The SOAP videos from last year’s elims are in a format that no media player on my computer is able to read–.m4v, or something like that.

The movies play for me with the videolan player…although I can’t be certain where the codec it uses came from, as I have several video players on my computer.

If you notice, the frame ends not too far away from the edge of the wheel. I’m guessing the robot isn’t more then 24" long.

check out this year