pic: Cheesecake, anyone?

What are the specs? Weight? Crust thickness?

I want some!

Nice design.

This image brings up a point I’ve been pursuing for years: If we look at the image, it is very obvious that it’s “fake”. It is too perfect.

What would make it more realistic? Some imperfections, of course, but how do we do that in CAD? This is a problem that’s easy to state, but hard to solve. Any comments?

You can use photo realistic decals, but that would only work for certain lighting conditions and angles.

I good size bite taken out would be far more realistic, I think. :rolleyes:

Depending on the software you can also apply textures, but again it will only work so well. There are a few ways you could pattern “defects” into the part as well in the way of modeled bulges and gouges. It really depends on what you are going for. You usually can adjust the sheen that parts have as well. I know Inventor and Solidworks have different plastics with different shine to them. A major problem with a cheesecake is the fact that you almost always have browning in certain spots, and that would be the most difficult part to model in my mind.

Using CAD software to make photorealistic pie is like trying to eat soup with a fork. It might work if you really try, but it’s the wrong tool. The spoon is either a photo-editing program or a 3D animation program. Either one allows you to generate random noise patters to texture the pie and to create random surface variations (in 3D) to account for the imperfections. Not only that, you would have much more control over the lighting and shadows.

The slice is 1.42in tall, has a 2.35in radius, and a 50 degree angle.

The crust is 0.14in thick.

Not sure about the weight. I couldn’t find “cheesecake” under the materials list.

Maybe we should have a CD-wide CAD challenge to see who can make the most realistic looking slice of cheesecake.

It looks almost perfect however you missed a vital component to any cheesecake design. The cherries…

Only in the off-season would a thread about a cheesecake rendered in CAD get 12 responses and a discussion about how to make photorealistic images of food in CAD software.


Compare and contrast. The crust has a crumbly, pitted texture. I wouldn’t call that an imperfection, in the same way you wouldn’t expect the surface of a gravel to be flat.

Also see the profile and color gradient of the top - the raised ring around the edge is darker (because of how thin it is?).

Finally the junction where the crust meets cake isn’t uniform at all, looks like there is a bit of mixing/penetration.

Still no cherries…

Are you having a sponsor mill this out of an entire cheesecake? Seems like a major waste of resources.

corndogs if you understand this reference

Does it have something to do with a certain thread contained here?

The shavings would be delicious.

Oh my god that thread

Sadly, no. We couldn’t get anyone to agree to this. Our current plan is to print it using an industrial triple injection 3D printer, but instead of feeding it ABS filament, we’re going to use cheesecake, whipped cream, and whatever the crust is made of. As you can see, we have left plenty of room in the design for expansion… (i.e. cherries)

Can I ask what extruder/printer you are using? Would be very helpful for other teams that are attempting to do this. I was planning to find a way to 3d print a Hawaiian Pizza, but a cheesecake would do. Also, are there any rules on 3d printed cheesecakes, or are you just using this as an offseason project?