pic: Cheesy Poofs Project

This was a little project that I decided to do when I was bored. It is a replica of 254s 2011 robot. The elevator, wrist, and minibot deployment all move.

Chassis: 9"x6.5"
Elevator (Starting Configuration) 11"
Elevator (Fully Elevated): 28"

Give me some ideas/pics for my next project.

I dunno about any ideas for a next project, but are there instructions for others to make their own miniature Cheesy Poof robots?? It looks amazing!

I don’t have any formal instructions on how to construct it. But I would be willing to make some templates for download on other bots that I make in the future.

Hmmm. Here’s an ambitious idea…

1.) Generate a process where you can take the full CAD of a given robot and 3D print it with a reasonable amount of effort on a miniature scale – probably 12:1 scale (2"x3" base, 5" height). Bonus points for movement, but probably not necessary for the first phase of the business.
2.) Generate a business model that incorporates teams who want to simplify an open-source version of their CAD’ed robots for sale, with some sort of revenue-sharing plan (to the 501c3 that supports the team – e.g. the school, other non-profit). Start with the powerhouse superstars.
3.) Find the right price point and sell the mini-bots (no pun intended) at competitions. World championships would be a particularly good time to do it, but you’d have to build up to it over a few years.
4.) Crowd source the marketing via social media ‘Likes’ or ‘+1’s’ so word of mouth spreads. Build up collections. Make the very first set you create a ‘limited edition’. Eventually create a ‘legacy line’ where old robots are resurrected and printed in limited edition.

A bit ambitious, but it’s part of what made NASCAR so popular – having mementos from a spectacular team keeps the energy and excitement fresh in the mind. The difference is, you could potentially have many alumni who might want to (and finally be able to) purchase one after college.

I totally shouldn’t be laying this out and should do it myself :rolleyes: but I’m too interested in what’s going on at my job to do it right now.

Dude, I want one. Is that construction paper?

Standard Card stock.

That is the coolest desk toy I have seen! :rolleyes: Need to put this one on my Christmas list! Very cool!

What about doing 233 or 1503?

I have done 233s but it still remains white. 1503 will be my next project now.

I was hoping that it was LEGO, at first, but I was disappointed to find out otherwise. Every year, I’ve built a LEGO model of our robot, as close to a minifig scale as possible.

Robot miniatures are fun.

Actually small robots are fun, too.

Can we all do FLL?

Current Bots that I have done:
254, 233, 217, 148, 40, 51, 228, 1114, 2056, 111, 973/1323, 971, 2630, and 2016.

Any suggestions for a bot after I complete the 1503 one?

I’d like to see a miniature 118.

469 was pretty unique this year. The flip up single stage elevator may be difficult to do though.

Also, I think you have to do 67 and 71 as two of the most famous teams ever. (Consecutive World Champions Anybody?)


118 would be cool along with 1538 and 469.

1714 would be cool but unfortunately they don’t make transparent paper (to my knowledge) :smiley:

33 or 2587 would also look cool http://frc-designs.com/html/2011.html

Velum might work OK.

That’s really impressive. How long did it take to make?

Don’t know if this link will work but here are the other robots that I have made. I have not put color to all these.


About 4 hours.

The link didn’t work for me but I still managed to find the pictures and wow, those are amazing.

It’s called transparency film. Now that nobody uses overhead projectors anymore, you should be able to pick some up cheap.