pic: Chef Baker


Here’s Andy Baker, the Grillmaster of the Tailgate Party cookin’ up some eggs and chicken

This man has too many talents… :stuck_out_tongue:

wooohooooo tail gating

Chef Andy Baker…Michigan fan :smiley:

The tailgate was great…it should become a tradition! Kudos to Paul, Andy, and everyone else who made this happen…even at 6:30…

YEA that is nice nice warm food prepared by Andy Baker him self!!! we only had donuts and bagels and cake for the UTC tail gate put on by RAGE 173 still also tailgate is the a great thing they should do at all regionals.

If you want to try some good FIRST cookin’, try some of Chef Railey and Byam’s food :smiley:

i think those are words for a psoobile FIRST national cook off saturday morning at atlanta :wink: haha it woudl be nice

Funny… but to me, it looks like he’s grilling bread. :wink:

Cooking skills are overrated…and everything tastes better grilled. Even bread.

'Tis a truth that all geeks should know. :slight_smile:

most people like to call it “toast” you cant usually plug in a toaster at a tail gate but at a FIRST tail gate who knows what can be done!

When we weren’t allowed to use power tools because our teacher stepped out for a minute my friend just took the drill outside to the parking lot to his truck where he ran it off a power inverter. We were outside the work facility and using non-school provided electricity so if we hurt ourselves the teacher would not be to blame. Now how’s that for looking out for your mentors? :smiley:

I’ve heard of some other team’s teacher shutting off the power to the Brideport when he left so the kids just took a cordless drill with a 3/4" socket and a robot battery to power it and bada-bing bada-boom instant functioning mill.

So as for the toaster, it could have been done. But you can’t toast eggs or chicken can you. Or can you?

/me goes into kitchen


No one knows how to q better than us in the Swamp. were gonna have to do some stuff for atlanta, and stop paul and andy from burning themselves so they can desing a cvt with 100% EFFICENCY that only weighs an ounse. so we can all coppy it and win the competitoons.

Hmmmm…what are the chances of getting Chef Baker to join us, grill in hand for the now growing multi-team early morning crew? Hour before doors open friday and saturday there Baker? I’ll bring the bacon!

-Andy Grady

Yep, I will be there. I usually can’t sleep too well at these competitions anyways. Count me in. I am wondering if I should buy one of those mobile grills. Paul and Jen had one for team 217 in Chicago, I probably should step it up also.

Andy B.